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  1. dbrb2, Member


    Two questions...

    When I set a user up as non-admin, his prevelages are restricted, but he can still change his password. Can I lock a user down further, so that he can view only - not change anything?

    When I set a non-admin user to automatically log in, there appears to be no way to subsequently log in as an admin, other than going into the database and temporarily setting the default login admin flag?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Normal users can change their password. When user is logged in using automatic login, that options is not available. What would be the use case of user not being able to change his/hers password?

    If you enable automatic login, you can still choose to login with a username. Point your browser to mydbr/login.php and you will be redirected to normal login screen.

    myDBR Team


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