myDBR 4.5.1 - "License update"

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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of myDBR 4.5.1 release.

    4.5.1 relase is released for the customers experiencing license expiring too early. Other improvements and new functionalities include:

    New functionality:

    • New compare functionality for comparing data sets
    • Date range select list for parameters
    • Mail preserves non-myDBR images in mail sending
    • Support for Microsoft 10 Edge browser
    • New automatic parameter inAutoReportURL for report URL
    • Bubble-chart
    • SSO-protocol extended to allow additional parameters
    • Support for ChartDirector 6.0
    • Access for mslineDY second layer in chartdirector options

    New commands / options:

    • command added
    • export_disable export option added
    • chart options added


    • Fixes license check for some older licenses
    • myDBR answers HTTP 401 to invalid credentials for incorrect basic access authentication

    General improvements:

    • Much faster pager for large data sets
    • Support for longer explanation text for reports and folders

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team

  2. nsepetys, Member

    Date set comparison sounds interesting- do you have a demo?

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Compare demo report in myDRB demos.

    myDBR Team

  4. nsepetys, Member

    Beautiful! I like it!


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