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  1. Anonymous, Unregistered

    The documentation shows keepwithnext has the ability to assign properties between brackets. Can you elaborate on how to properly use this feature by giving an example using properties in the brackets.

    What I am trying to do is align a table below two other tables so that the bottom table is aligned to upper right table. Hope that makes sense. Thanks

    select dbr.keepwithnext {, pixels}

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    keepwithnext and it's parameters controll that next report element should be placed next to the previous one. The optional parameter controls how much space is left between the elements. If the browser window is narrower than the elemets together, the browser will place the second element below the first one.

    The purpose of this is that the report is easily viewable with any device (from small mobile displays to big screens).

    If you wish to force placement of the elements, use dbr.purehtml to create table wrapper around the queries.

    We are having some issues with a spammer at a moment. While cleaning up the spam we accidently removed your username as well. Sorry about that. Feel free to create it again.

    myDBR Team


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