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  1. spyhunter88, Member

    Hi myDBR Team,

    I use formula to display information instead of value, but it combines of some value columns and all these're defined with dbr.sum. For example:

    select 'dbr.sum', 'Value1', 'Value2'; select 'dbr.calc', '[Action]', '[Value1]>[Value2]?\'YES\':\'NO\'';

    select Value1, Value2, null as 'Action[Action]' from Some_Table;

    Now, the summary text in Action column will be YES or NO base on sum of Value1 and Value2. But it doesn't make sense at all. So, how to I disable the summary value in Action column?


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The dbr.calc command populates the summary row by default. If the sum(Value1) > sum(Value2) then the summary row for Action is 'Yes' as stated in the formula.

    You can use normal MySQL IF command for Action-column

    select Value1, Value2, null as 'Action[Action]',  if (Value1>Value2, 'YES', 'NO')
    from ...

    If you want to use dbr.calc, you can use a helper column:

    select 'dbr.sum', 'Value1', 'Value2';
    select 'dbr.hidecolumn', 'v2';
    select 'dbr.calc', '[Action]', '[v2]!="" ? ([Value1]>[Value2] ? "YES": "NO") : ""'; select Value1, Value2, null as 'Action[Action]', Value2 as 'v2'
    from ...

    myDBR Team

  3. spyhunter88, Member

    Thanks, I'll use the 2nd method, my formula is so complex and can not use directly in SQL statement.


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