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  1. eugfri, Member


    I have complex reports - some with few result sets displayed on the same page, others - with multiple linked reports within one page etc.
    I need to suppress export option depending on the group(s) of logged in user. However, when I have basic logic in my proc like:

    IF (...) THEN
    SELECT 'dbr.export.options', 'disable', 'pdf,excel,csv,sql';
    END IF;

    it does not seem to have any effect.
    In case with multiple result sets in the report, I tried to place it at the very beginning of the proc code, before each result set (SELECT statement) etc. Still, export options are visible.

    In case when I have very simple single select statement (one result set) type of report - this works just fine and export icon gets suppressed.

    What am I missing?

    Thank you!


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the disable export option disables the export per result set. We'll take a look if we can improve this.

    myDBR Team

  3. eugfri, Member

    It would be great, cause ideally disabling export should be done once in a stored proc - regardless how complex and how many result sets it has.

    Also, I have noticed that on any linked sub-reports (popup in my case) - export option is never visible regardless if I have dbo.export.options disable or not inside of the proc for the linked report. I don't know if its intended behavior or not.

    One more thing, I assume that even if I force dbr.parameters.show to be on but I disable export - it should still work (I mean suppressing export), correct?

  4. eugfri, Member

    Another interesting thing I have noticed, even if I have some result set in the stored proc, but later in the proc code I have something like

    SELECT 'dbr.embed_object', 'hiddendiv';

    I only need to use

    SELECT 'dbr.export.options', 'disable', 'pdf,excel,csv,sql';

    at the very end of the procedure, before this last SELECT with dbr.embed_object, rather than before the actual data result set. This suppresses export option while having it before SELECT with result set does not do anything.

    Posting in case if maybe someone will find this useful as well.

  5. eugfri, Member

    Yet, one more finding.
    In the procedure with multiple result sets, it seems that its sufficient to place

    SELECT 'dbr.export.options', 'disable', 'pdf,excel,csv,sql';

    only once at the very end of the proc, even after the last SELECT and it still has desired effect - i.e. to hide export icon

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the behavior is now more consistent (you can put it in the beginning) in 4.6.0.

    myDBR Team


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