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  1. harpef, Member

    I have installed ChartDirector to my Windows 10 installation of myDBR, but it is running extremely slowly. Sometimes it does not show charts at all, at other times I get the following message:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\weblocal\mydbr\lib\external\ChartDirector\phpchartdir.php on line 1282

    Help requested.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Without access to the server it is difficult to pinpoint the reason. ChartDirector is an PHP extension and should not cause any performance problems. Try to isolate the cause of the problem.

    - See if your queries are slow/big if you run the queries without ChartDirector
    - Try the ChartDirector with the demos in ChartDirector install (e.g without myDBR)

    myDBR Team

  3. harpef, Member

    I did as you said and tried ChartDirector demos separately, and they work just fine. The problem seems to be when I try to run it through myDBR. Even the small 'Statistics for a report' chart runs slow - about 10 seconds to display.

    Just to make sure I have the install correct:

    1. my ChartDirector install is in C:\weblocal\mydbr\lib\external\ChartDirector
    2. the phpchartdir.php file is in that directory, ie. C:\weblocal\mydbr\lib\external\ChartDirector\phpchartdir.php
    3. the dlls are in ..\mydbr\lib\external\ChartDirector\lib
    4. my webserver extension line in php.ini is extension='C:\weblocal\mydbr\lib\external\ChartDirector\lib\phpchartdir550.dll'
    5. i am using php version 5.5.8

    anything else i need to check?

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    To install ChartDirector you follow the steps described in ChartDirector documentation:


    • Do not modify any files/directories under myDBR. Not even the phpchartdir.php. None. Do not add any files either.
    • Download ChartDirector
    • Copy phpchartdirXXXYYY.dll (for your PHP version and PHP's thread safety), chartdir.dll (and fonts if you are on Linux) into your PHP extension directory (see extension_dir from phpinfo())
    • Add extension statement to php.ini "extension=phpchartdir###.dll"
    • Restart your web server

    myDBR Team

  5. harpef, Member

    Hi - I'm still having trouble with this. I ran the troubleshoot program and it said...

    Description : ChartDirector

    Version : 6.0.1

    Copyright : Copyright (c) 2015 Advanced Software Engineering Limited

    Boot Log :
    2016-02-08 14:46:07> ChartDirector at C:\PROGRA~2\EASYPH~2.1VC\binaries\php\php_runningversion\ext\chartdir.dll started
    2016-02-08 14:46:07> Cannot load license file C:\PROGRA~2\EASYPH~2.1VC\binaries\php\php_runningversion\ext\chartdir.lic - No such file or directory [error code = 2]

    Font Loading Test :
    Searching for arial.ttf - No such file or directory [err code = 2]
    Successfully opened C:\WINDOWS/fonts/arial.ttf

    Any ideas?

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If your ChartDirector demos run ok and myDBR reports without ChartDirector run ok, then mabye your previous misconfiguration has left the installation in unstable state.

    Download a fresh copy of myDBR and point it to your existing mydbr-database to see if it helps.

    myDBR Team

  7. harpef, Member

    OK I'll try that. Will I need a new license?

  8. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If you install into same location, you can use the existing one.

    myDBR Team


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