Percentage Bar Chart?

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  1. Snapper, Member


    I've ben trying to get a stacked bar chart with percentage Y-Axis so that each bar is (equally in height) scaled to 100%. I'm using the premium version and I know that it's possible to do in ChartDirector but I've had no luck so far in a MyDBR reports.

    The problem seems to be that I cannot add a percentage bar layer in the MyDBR report. What I'm trying to do is like this

    select 'dbr.chart.options','chartdirector', ' $c->addBarLayer2(Percentage); ';

    but it does not have any effect.

    This is the way they are using it in the ChartDirector documentation:
    # Add a percentage bar layer $layer = $c->addBarLayer2(Percentage);

    Does anyone know if it is possible to create a percetage bar chart?

    Kind regards

  2. Snapper, Member

    Hi again!

    I just solved it by myself simply by using:

    I'm sorry to post this qustion but I hope someone will find this information useful later.


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