BLOB column in the db - upload and retrieval/display

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  1. eugfri, Member

    I see some old thread on the forum regarding usage of blob columns:

    I don't find anything in the docs, but maybe you have created something since the time of the thread above. Is it possible to:
    1) have binary file (pdf, image etc - i.e. not structured delimited data) uploaded and stored in the db BLOB column?
    2) have BLOB column in result set displayed on the report as clickable link (in order to show the actual content of the BLOB)?

    Of course all of this is doable directly in PHP but how can such functionality can be integrated within mydbr application?

    Thank you

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    no change there yet. Blobs can be used to display images. Uploading blobs is not yet supported.

    There is little benefit of storing files into the database. In most cases you store the file separately into a filesystem and just store the link to the file into the database.
    myDBR Team


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