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  1. loydb, Member

    Is there a way to automatically add accordions on a field? I want to have each Product ID have its own accordion (and for new accordions to automatically appear when I add new products). Query below (inNPS is passed in from another report).


    select 'dbr.hdr', 'Product';
    select 'dbr.hdr', 'Comment';

    p.product as "Product",
    c.comment as 'Comment',
    c.sentiment as 'Sentiment',
    from nps.relComments c
    join nps.products p on c.productID = p.ID
    join nps.relProductStats s on ( (c.customerID = s.customerID) and (c.productID = s.productID))
    where s.productNPS = inNPS
    order by s.productID;

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    An accordion is created from a separate report result set. If you want to create accordion per product, what you do is to create a separate result set for each product. To do this, use a cursor to loop through the products and create an accordion based on the data.

    myDBR Team


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