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  1. spyhunter88, Member

    Hi Team,

    I found Export Excel feature is very useful, but sometime I can't use it.
    When I just want to export only data with column's title into Excel, it seems like csv more than Excel but the csv file is too large, while full Excel consumes too much server's resource.
    So it's will be very helpful if you have an option to directly export to excel with only raw data and column's title.
    There's no title, subtitle, style, calc, summary line, group, header ... anymore. Just the single SELECT a,b,c, SUM(Value) as Value FROM `DB_Name`.`Table_name`.

    I think this option is not too complex to be done. Hope to hear any new from you.

    Many thanks,

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You can choose between the CSV (data only) and Excel (xls/xlsx) format.

    The native Excel format is quite complex and with large datasets requires resources. There really is no "light" version of the Excel format. Removing titles / subtitles calc / summary lines does not really speed up the Excel creation as the time/resource consuming part is the Excel's native format itself.

    The CSV export contains just the data, nothing else. If your CSV file is too large, you just have so much data. The Excel file with same data in can be smaller as it is compressed, but as said, the file generation takes more resources.

    myDBR Team

  3. spyhunter88, Member

    Hi Team,

    Many thank for quick reply, because I have large data attach with automatic send mail.

    Also, even if there's option to compress CSV file will required user to save -> extract -> view, not click-to-view inside mail. :(



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