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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of the myDBR 4.7 release.

    myDBR 4.7 is a major release bringing PHP 7 support and many enhancements and improvements.

    myDBR 4.7 requires latest ionCube loaders (6.x for PHP 7 and at least 5.x for other PHP versions). Before installing the version, please check that you are using latest ionCube version (see myDBR Environment settings).

    For more details on PHP 7 upgrade, see the PHP 7 upgrade quide.

    New functionality:

    • PHP 7 compatibility
    • Synchronization functionality between myDBR installatios (dev/staging/production)
    • Collapsible tables for wide result sets (dbr.collapse)
    • Adobe Flash free
    • CSV import
    • JSON import
    • Scatter 3D chart added
    • PolarScatter chart added
    • Columnfilter functionality
    • dbr.chart.gv.option for additional direct GraphViz chart options
    • dbr.crosstab.header for additional header group in crosstab
    • inImportFilename automatic parameter for imports
    • inSessionIDHash automatic parameter
    • Additional mail options: (mailer, host, port, secure, user, password, smtp, nlmt)
    • Marker labels in GoogleMaps
    • Ability to define automatic parameters which are not automatic parameters for admin
    • Support for editable dbr.divify
    • $mydbr_defaults['single_sign_on']['debug_failed_login'] debugging functionality
    • Support for multiple D3js Chords on same report
    • dbr.header.colclass support for crosstab header
    • dbr.button wrapper class can now be set
    • New theme: orange
    • New JavaScript hooks for inline and popup element refreshs


    • cell_value_get no longer get's cofused on thousand separator
    • Correct datatype with dbr.calc in MS SQL Server
    • Table sorting with negative values now work on all occasions
    • Connected parameters work in popup dialogs
    • dbr.rownum no longer calculate summary rows
    • Sybase object escaping improved
    • Use of E_DEPRECATED does no longer cause problems in PHP 5.1/5.2
    • Datepicker is always shown in dates in Edge
    • Improvements to horizontal summary calculations
    • JSON export does not include hidden columns
    • Chart tooltip reference fix
    • Editable radio button checked
    • UI fix for editable select with find
    • Editable forms no longer confuse column summaries
    • dbr.sum in Excel exprot when all values null
    • Fix in accordion wrapper class / style
    • dbr.lockcolumn no longer causes problems inside relative placed element
    • skip_single_summary no longer confuses Excel exports
    • Fixed RadarArea chart

    General improvements:

    • Much faster performance in columnfilter using Firefox or Edge
    • Password rules apply also in user management
    • Columnfilter no longer shows summary rows for non-matching header levels
    • Time columns allow horizontal summaries in crosstab
    • Support for negative time columns / calculations
    • Excel export dbr.cellstyle improvements
    • Default (and optional) session ID regeneration at login
    • Secure only cookie when running in HTTPS
    • Excel export improvements
    • Improved datatype detection in table sorting
    • Improved curl error reporting
    • Improved editor
    • dbr.pager text can now be set
    • Collapsible reportgroups
    • JSON XML and CSV export include chart data
    • PHP E_STRICT compatibility
    • Year to date added to date range
    • Favourites refresh on person change
    • Show privileges in alphabetical order
    • Hide report parameters in autoexecute
    • Chrome (Android tablet) and Edge date/datetime editing improvements
    • Show missing privileges more clearly
    • Stacked chart legend order now more logical
    • Longer report suffixes
    • Hide empty menu item in linked reports when conditional linked reports are used
    • improved image handling in Excel export
    • Ability to set title text for the import dialog
    • Ability to set button text for import button
    • Ability to derive report name from report procedure name
    • More user friendly mobile dialogs
    • Show export menu floating when headers disabled in OEM version
    • New lighter chart style
    • New defaut font (Helvetica Neue)
    • inIPAddress automatic parameter prefers external IP addresses

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team


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