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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR 4.7.0 is fully compatible with the new PHP 7 and gains the benefits of it (2x faster execution and lower memory requirements). To update myDBR to PHP 7 compatible version, use following guide:

    Check your ionCube version. PHP 7 requires ionCube 6.x version of the loader to be installed. (You can also use ionCube 6.x with earlier PHP versions). Check also that you are using ChartDirector 6.0.

    If you are running PHP 5.6, run the automatic updater twice. The first update round updates myDBR to 4.7.0 and the second one will pick up the PHP 7 compatible myDBR version. After the updates you can switch to PHP 7.

    If you are running PHP 5.5 or earlier you have two choises:
    1) Update to PHP 5.6 and use the automatic updater (as described above)
    2) Download PHP 7 compatible version of myDBR and do manual update. See myDBR documentation for manual update. All your reports will remain intact also during the manual update

    myDBR Team

  2. wajid.hussain, Blocked

    Dear Support,

    I have renewed my MyDBR license yesterday and successfully imported/defined in mydbr. It still says my license will expire today and recommend me to update myDbr. Following message is displayed.

    Some of your licenses are valid for a newer version of myDBR.
    Update myDBR to use these licenses. Your myDBR version is 4.5.3.

    When I clicked on update MyDbr it start processing but failed to update and shows following message.

    myDBR - Update
    Update wizard failed

    The update wizard could not contact the myDBR update server.

    Please try again in a few minutes or visit for more information.
    If your server is behind a firewall, you can use a a Proxy server defined in Environmental Settings.

    I have verified and tested that MyDBR machine has download access and can download anything from web.

    Please help me, as my license is expiring tonight.


  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    for some reason myDBR (PHP running in your server) cannot connect the update server. If you are behind a proxy, see that your server has php_curl installed.

    If your server still has problems connecting the update server, you can do manual download and replace the myDBR installation with the new one while preserving the mydbr_config.php and mydbr/user/ directory. myDBR will then guide you through the update process.

    See instructions.

    myDBR Team


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