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  1. We recently updated our ionCube loader to v 5.1.1, in order to accommodate the latest myDBR version 4.7.0

    myDBR runs without a hitch, but one of the core programs we run which is encoded and orphaned has started to hiccup with this version of ionCube. We just discovered a glitch in another encoded script as well.

    Is there any way possible to run 4.7 on the v4.x ionCube? Or is there some nifty work around like two versions of php on one server?

    Many thanks for the help.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR 4.7 does require minimum of 5.x loader (6.x is recommended). The 4.x loader is no longer supported.

    Are you sure the problem is coming from ionCube? The ionCube loaders are usually downwards compatible. If the problem is coming from ionCube you can try the latest 6.0.6 loader to see if it helps.

    To run multiple PHP versions (and therefore multiple ionCube loaders), you would need to set up one with mod_php and one with FastCGI. An easier way is just to use a separate server.

    myDBR Team


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