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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of the myDBR 4.8 release.

    myDBR 4.8 is a major release bringing both new features and improvements, including important security fixes. The release is highly recommended for all users.

    New functionality:

    • Google authentication
    • Greatly improved Excel export speed (4x faster on large Excels)
    • Excel export feature improvements
    • Excel import capability
    • Inclusion of FontAwesome into CSS
    • dbr.hcount (horizontal count) and dbr.havg (horizontal average) now available in cross tables
    • dbr.mail.log.proc command added to allow loggin mail activity into the database
    • command added
    • Parameter width now available on more input types
    • Parameter width can now be determined with any CSS unit
    • Dashboard extended to all folders
    • Added option for mail to force IPv4
    • PDF chart support
    • Allows user defined themes under mydbr/themes
    • New themes: green
    • New charts: MSXolumnSplineDYm MScolumnSplineDY3d and MSColumnDY and 'equal_scale_dy' option
    • legend_reverse chart option
    • Editable selectlists now support optgroups
    • XML export raw data support
    • Goto Line added to the SQL Editor

    General improvements:

    • Improved import character set handling
    • Improved columnfilter
    • Improved error handling on HTTP basic auth error situations
    • Mail extension has better mail log
    • Floatingbox chart legend handling improved
    • Better
    • popup window handling improved on Firefox and Chrome
    • Improved User account handling
    • Chart tooltip animation added with 'tooltip_animate' chart option to control it
    • Mail smtp authentication user definition changes
    • Sankey-chart colors
    • dbr.lockcolumn controls the row height better
    • More logical date, datetime, time columnfilter
    • Empty values no longer cause import to skip rows
    • Single Sign-On protocol to include hash to make sure first SSO call comes from myDBR
    • Improved UI for handling large number of groups
    • CSV import support for empty enclosure
    • Improved popup handling with touch devices
    • Mobile UI refinements


    • Security fixes (reported by Beetles - The Hackers Approach,
    • Thread safe ionCube loader detection corrected
    • MySQL double datatype detection fix
    • Cleared PHP Strict warnings
    • Better
    • Connected parameters fix when used in main report and in popup
    • Mail image works now in SVG when embedded charts are used
    • dbr.collapse now plays nice with dbr.hdr + dbr.sum
    • Single Sign-On fix for situation when mutltiple extra parameters were used with non-existent values
    • Fix for Sybase Anywhere routine creation fix
    • Password reset mail has now configurable link reset time and title
    • Better handling of wkhtmltopdf output on servers where wkhtmltopdf is less than perfect
    • Popup window handling in Chrome and Firefox with large datasets
    • dbr.column.filter no longer overrides dbr.header.colclass
    • Crosstab fixes

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    NOTE: If you are updating from myDBR 4.6.X, make sure your ionCube loader is up to date (version 6.x). You can see your ionCube version from Environment settings or from mydbr/install/loader.php.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team

  2. nsepetys, Member

    Looks like some good stuff. I'm excited to go through this update. Thank you myDBR team!

  3. I have run this update and now I cant load the reporting software just get a blank page help please?

  4. OK - how can i get back to the previous version I really need this to function correctly Help?

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Most likely cause of the blank page (if you are updating from 4.6.X) is that your ionCube loader is not up to date causing the updated application to fail loading as the old loader does not work with the new version. myDBR older versions have included the notification to remind you to update the loader.

    You can check the loader version from and the cause of the white screen from your web server logs.

    myDBR Team

  6. Thank you - the problem was with the old version of ioncube - one updated all is good.


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