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  1. Aardvark, Member


    I'm working through the Editable Reports Example/Tutorials and am pretty stuck.

    I believe there is something missing from the example code or extra information that is confusing me.

    I'm looking at the two links below:

    Example Report

    Code for Example Report

    Looking at the code for example 1 there seems to be calls to procedures called film editing and editing_more but the report is for a Budget Cost center.

    Additionally Example 2 which would also be useful makes no reference to any procedures.

    Basically I want to run a select statement on a database and have on editable field the user can update.

    Can someone take a look at the guide/example and let me know if this is right? It doesn't seem to be.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The demo showcases different editing scenarios which are separate from eachother.

    Example 1:
    Budget editing (code for this in the main report sp_DBR_editable)

    Editable fields:
    - budget, editing report: sp_DBR_budget_edit, using autosum_int-callback to automatically refresh the horizontal and vertical summary values
    - comment, editing report: sp_DBR_budget_edit_comment

    Example 2:
    Showcasing different user input types (code in a separate sp_DBR_ft_editable_more-report):

    Editable fields. All use sp_DBR_budget_edit_comment as a dummy editing report, the purpose is to show different input methods):
    - basic, no special input
    - text, autogrowing textares
    - selectlist, select list
    - radiobutton, radiobuttons
    - date, datepicker

    Example 3:
    Showcasing a real-type editing scenario (code in a separate sp_DBR_film_editing-report):

    Editable fields:
    - Delete, showcasing use of a callback-function, (sp_DBR_film_editing_del)
    - Category, a selectlst, (sp_DBR_film_editing_category)
    - is_showing, a toggle edit with (sp_DBR_film_editing_is_showing)
    - Description, an autosize textarea (sp_DBR_film_editing_description

    Basically I want to run a select statement on a database and have on editable field the user can update.

    To do that, just take a look at the Example 1, it shows how to assing an editable report to a field and just do simple editing. Also, in the documentation, there is a step by step example ( see Basic example).

    myDBR Team


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