SQL Express report never stops running - freezes

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  1. pwhirley, Member

    I have a SQL express database with a fairly straightforward query. There are two check box parameters and I am using sp_DBRCheckBox example with INNER JOIN to filter the records shown in the report. Everything works fine, apparently, except that the report never completes.

    If I use the exact same stored procedure in SQL Server Express, giving it exactly the same parameters, it executes in 15 seconds and returns 26,670 rows, for example. But in myDBR the report never stops. I would expect it to take longer, but I've left it running for over 20 minutes.

    Any idea what I can look at to resolve this?

    Thanks - Phil

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When you create a report with 26,670 rows in HTML, it may take some time for your browser to render. You can speed up the rendering by giving columns a fixed width (so the browser does not need to calculate all cells while trying to calcylate the cell widths). Also, disabling the sorting will speed things up.

    Is there a particular reason for you to produce a report with 26,670 rows? It's a lot of rows for user to go through. If you are just exporting the data, you can skip the HTML part.

    If the purpose is just to show the rows to the user, an option would be to summarise the report and use linked reports if user needs to dig into the details.

    myDBR Team

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. pwhirley, Member

    Good call! I reduced the number of columns and I changed the style and the report seems to run successfully. I actually am developing this particular report as I work toward doing a summary with linked to the detail.

    Thanks - Phil

    Posted 1 year ago #


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