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  1. john, Member

    I can't figure out the last example, i think it is because i don't understand select ''. When i take remove it i get a basic org chart. I had to guess on how this data was supposed to look as i couldn't find an example so i must be providing the wrong information.

    This is my sp

    select 'dbr.title', 'Target browser'; select '', 'sp_DBR_organization_set_node_position', 'action_div[]', 'in_id=id', 'in_pos="l"', '"Position left"'; select '', 'sp_DBR_organization_set_node_position', 'action_div[]', 'in_id=id', 'in_pos="r"', '"Position right"'; select '', 'sp_DBR_organization_set_node_position', 'action_div[]', 'in_id=id', 'in_pos="u"', '"Position under"'; select '';#, '{boxWidth:180}';

    select '', tbl_endpoint_id , weight, null, color, txt from test.tbl_endpoint_data;

    select id, parent, test.fn_org_node_position( id, parent ), concat('<b>', name, '</b>', char(10), location, char(10) ) /* Last linefeed makes room for the targets */ from test.tbl_endpoint where id < 3 order by id;

    This is my output with &export=sql

    select 'dbr.title', 'Target browser';

    select ''; select '', 1, '0', null, '#FF7A00', 'this is the text' union all select '', 2, '2', null, '#FF7A00', '<b>3</b> other text';

    select 1 as 'id', 0 as 'parent', 'u' as 'test.fn_org_node_position( id, parent )', '<b>location 2</b> more text ' as 'concat(\'<b>\', name, \'</b>\', char(10), location, char(10) )' union all select 2, 0, '0', '<b>loc 3</b> more text ';

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Just use 0 instead of null in third parameter for (contrary to to the documentation, the newest buld fill fix the anomaly).

    The option allows for you to color draw a bar inside the organization box (you can have multiple per box) with color and tooltip of your choice.

    myDBR Team

  3. john, Member

    thanks change makes chart appear with colour bar but not tooltip, will try updating.
    fyi there is a typo on this page, search for ising
    also target paramaters might be missing a header, unless they are supposed to be for autobalance

    Balance left and right nodes automatically. Default is 'auto'. Values can be 'l', 'r' and 'auto'

    Target parameters are: node_id, weight, null, color, text


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