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  1. cdavison, Member

    I have a report that has the output format set to 'Excel' from the 'Edit Report' page. I am setting up that report to be able to be called form another report with the 'dbr.report' command. When I call that report, it opens the report in a new window, but it loads the actual report in HTML instead of downloading the Excel report when the report is clicked directly. Is there any way the dbr.report option can also download the excel report as Excel instead of running the HTML page? I know that I can export to Excel once the HTML has loaded, but I was trying to save on execution time since we'll only ever want this report in Excel format.

    The Output report for 'sp_DBR_llc_summary' is below:

    My code for calling the 'sp_DBR_llc_summary' report is below.

    select 'dbr.report', 'sp_DBR_llc_summary','new_window', 'StartDate<=(StartDate)', 'EndDate<=(EndDate)', 'Site<=(Site)', 'Machines<=(Machines)';

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You can use the dbr.report's append-option to set the export format to be Excel.

    select 'dbr.report', 'sp_DBR_llc_summary','new_window', 'StartDate<=(StartDate)', 'EndDate<=(EndDate)', 'Site<=(Site)', 'Machines<=(Machines)', 'append=&export=xlsx';

    myDBR Team

  3. cdavison, Member

    Fantastic! That is exactly what I needed! Thanks!


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