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  1. ziuras, Member

    Maybe found bug?

    I have 'default' parameter Date_1YearAgo1MonthAfterLastDay, and i can asign it to report input.
    But it didnot get the default value.
    In Edit report page i accidentally press Synchronize button and found:
    select 'sp_DBR_cls_Pard_Xmen_Fil_Reg_edition','Iki1',null,null,'Date_1YearAgo1MonthAfterLastDa',0,1,null,null
    parameter name Date_1YearAgo1MonthAfterLastDa without 'y' leter.
    to long parameter name?
    Why not inspect lenght of name when inserting into parameter?

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Yes, that should not happen. Even if the name was truncated, you should see the truncated name in the parameter screen. We'll take a look at it.

    What is the version/db you are using? The parameter name maximum length was extended in the 4.9.5 build 3430. (max length depends on the db you are using).

    myDBR Team

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    This happened in MS SQL Server and in Sybase with longer parameter names (you were able to define a parameter with long name, but not use it).

    The issue has now been fixed. You can run the automatic updater to get the latest version.

    Thank you for reporting this one.

    myDBR Team

    Posted 1 year ago #
  4. ziuras, Member


    myDBR 4.9.5 (build 3444)
    Ms Sql 2008r2

    Posted 1 year ago #


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