Call a web service in a report

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  1. Mark Tetrode, Member


    I need to perform the following task:

    Create a report that does the following:

    • call a REST web service
    • retrieve the web service result
    • display/use the web service result in the report
    • do a query and display the result

    How can I do this?



  2. Mark Tetrode, Member

    FYI - this should be server based, a javascript solution will not work; a solution where we need to write some PHP is also perfect.

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    you can do this via myDBR extension. An extension adds myDBR commands which you can use in the reports. Use of the command in the report runs PHP script based on the parameters and optionally returns the rows to the report (or stores the data into the database).

    myDBR Team


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