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  1. ajitdixit, Member

    Can I have barcode exported to Excel
    Is there any possibility to have barcode at table row level

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Excel barcodes will not work (unless you store the barcode images to database) as the barcodes are generated via JavaScript inside the browser and no such functionality in Excel.

    You can show barcodes in table cells by calling the JsBarcode by yourself:

    select 'Row 1', 'dbr.html:<svg class="barc">558101710000001220004829906000000559582243294671100131</svg>' as 'barcode'
    select 'Row 2', 'dbr.html:<svg class="barc">558101710000001220004829906000000559582243294671100132</svg>'; select 'dbr.javascript', '
    $(".barc").each( function() {
    $(this).JsBarcode($(this).text(), {format: "CODE128C", width:1, height:35, fontSize:10});
    ', 'onload';

    myDBR Team


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