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  1. eugfri, Member


    I wonder if there is a way to refer to the column other than $(mydbr_selected_cell) using its relative position to $(mydbr_selected_cell)?
    I.e. for example I have a column that user clicks and invokes report and I'd like to reflect this user action by updating value in another column without full screen refresh.
    $(mydbr_selected_cell).text() is very handy way to do it with the column user acted on. Is there way to refer to the column prior/after to $(mydbr_selected_cell) in result set?

    Thank you

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    easiest way fdo do it, is to add a CSS class for the columns you wish to address and then use jQuery's siblings-function to refer to it.

    So if you have another column you add a CSS class for it:

    select 'dbr.colclass', 'anothercol';

    You can then refer to the column with:


    You can also use the helper functions described in Editable reports documentation.

    myDBR Team

    Posted 8 months ago #
  3. eugfri, Member

    Thank you for the tip!

    Posted 8 months ago #


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