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  1. eugfri, Member


    I have been using linked reports with popup target for a long time but suddenly i have ran into a strange issue.

    Here is my call:
    SELECT '', 'sp_DBR_PartPurchases', '[Purchases]', 'popup[PartNumber]', 'inPartNumber=PartNumber', 'inUnparsedPartNumber=UnparsedPartNumber';

    When PartNumber column value contains "." I get javascript error message saying:

    "Missing target embed object 'popup16471100001'. Create the object using command select 'dbr.embed_object', 'popup1671100001'"

    Value of my PartNumber parameter in this case is

    I.e. if you notice how the characters after . are truncated, I suspect its a bug in mydbr.
    If column value does not have "." in it, parameters to the linked report in popup are passed without any problem and everything works perfectly.

    Could you please take a look and release a patch if needed?
    Please account for the possibility of not only ".", but any other non alphanumeric to be there.

    Thank you!

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the embed target (value of 'popup[PartNumber]') becomes the ID for the popup element. In that, the dot character is not allowed (it has another meaning). Just remove the dot character from the embed element's ID.

    myDBR Team

  3. eugfri, Member

    I see.
    So ideally it should be something very plain like alphanumeric or numeric.
    Got it.
    I have made the change and it worked.

    Thank you!


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