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  1. john, Member

    i wonder if it is possible to pass multiple values from one select list
    or would i need to put them in a string and then take them out

    sp for select list is a complicated list of beginning and end dates


    Posted 6 months ago #
  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Could you elaborate what you are trying to do? Choose multiple rows from the select list (you can use checkboxes for this) or put multiple values (what?) into one select list row?

    myDBR Team

    Posted 6 months ago #
  3. john, Member

    I would like to make one selection in a drop down list
    but that selection represents a beginning and end date
    I would like to mix weeks and months in one list

    so if i could pass the beginning and end date from that one selection that would be perfect

    Posted 6 months ago #
  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    A parameter is usually one value. You can put multiple values into one variable if you like, but then you need to parse it in the report. Why not put separate parameter for start and end dates and put them side by side?

    myDBR Team

    Posted 6 months ago #
  5. john, Member

    Thanks for the reply, i ended up putting them in a string
    I would do the separate parameters but i am providing options based on todays date (this week/month/year, last week/month/year)

    Posted 6 months ago #


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