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  1. john, Member

    Looking for a way to still display the chart title even when there is no data ?

    I get the "no data to display" text where the chart would be but the title doesn't show up

    i have tried
    select 'dbr.no_data', "No films were found", 'comment';
    but it has no effect so guessing it doesn't work on charts

    I might be able to use an if to check for data and the below code, but i don't know how to center the title over the chart, i have 4-6 charts on the report, some with keep with next

    select 'dbr.divify';
    select 'dbr.hidecolumns', 'id';
    select 'This is a chart title' as 'title', 1 as 'id';

    couldn't find anything else in the forums, thanks

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the title should be there even with no data. What is the chart type you are using?

    myDBR Team


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