How to install over SSH (not SSL)

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  • Started 6 months ago by journey
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  1. journey, Member

    I only see an SSL option on the install, however I need SSH. The DB is installed on a remote server as localhost so an SSH tunnel needs to be established to connect.
    Any ideas?

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  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If you have the database server on different server than the web server and you want to use SSH (direct database access not allowed), you need to establish a SSH tunnel between the servers. To do this, forward a port from web server to the database server. This is done at OS level:

    ssh -L 3306:

    This will open up SSH connection to using username myusername. All traffic on localhost ( to port 3306 (the one after -L) will be forwarded to remote server's MySQL port 3306. This assumes you do not have MySQL Server running on the web server. If you do, choose another port.

    myDBR Team

    Posted 6 months ago #


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