MSStepline Chart with datetimescale and X-Axis values that match data points

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  1. itronic, Member


    I want to show my data as a MSStepline Chart in a timeline.
    I have for each date 3 values taht I want to show.

    When I use "SELECT 'dbr.chart.options', 'datetimescale', 1;" it shows the right distance between the dates, but the x-axis values are always the first of the month.

    If I don't use datetimescale option it shows me the date values from my sql query.

    I want to use datetimescale and also see the dates from syl in my x-axis. Is that possioble? and how?

    Here my query:

    select UK.StartDatum as Datum, 'Bruttolohn', UK.Bruttolohn
    from ITRONIC.user AS U
    LEFT JOIN ITRONIC.user_karriere AS UK ON UK.User = U.ID
    where U.ID = in_user
    select UK.StartDatum as Datum, 'Lohn im Verhältnis', UK.Bruttolohn / (UK.Sollstunden * 5 ) * 40
    from ITRONIC.user AS U
    LEFT JOIN ITRONIC.user_karriere AS UK ON UK.User = U.ID
    where U.ID = in_user;

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When you use the datetimescale-chart, the x-axis is drawn as timescale. The x-points in the chart are drawn relatively to datetime (points that have a week between them are 7 times further apart from eachother than points with a day between them). The chart will show, by default, the actual dates from the data in the point's tooltips.

    The x-axis by default starts the labels from start of the month. You can override this by setting the lower_limit, upper_limit [, major_tick_inc, [minor_tick_inc] options in the datetimescale-option.

    A option call:

    select 'dbr.chart.options', 'datetimescale', 1, '2019-02-15', '2019-04-15', 7 * 86400, 2*86400;

    would tell to draw the chart as a datetimescale chart which would start at 2019-02-15 and ends at 2019-04-15, with weekly major ticks (7 days * number of seconds in a day) and minor ticks on every second day.

    The x-axis labels at the bottom (dates) are drawn on each major tick, if there is space for the date. To make more space you can also rotate the labels with rotateNames-option.

    myDBR Team

  3. itronic, Member

    Ok. I had that before.
    But not with my own tickcount.
    But the problem is that I want no fix tickcount.
    I want to show the dates that have data.

    See here:
    With fix dates of 2 month:

    Want I want:

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You cannot have the x-axis to show the data labels in datetime-chart, but you can show the dates with the chart data points. See

    See the report.
    myDBR Team

  5. itronic, Member

    I thought that it's not possible.
    But thanks anyway.

    And also thanks for the idea to show the dates with the chart data points.
    That must be enough :)


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