Report access for users after migrating to new server

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  1. mikeb, Member


    We recently had our outside developers transfer our application to a new server. I purchased a new premium license for the new IP address and had access to all my reporting as admin. My users, however, don’t see any reports upon login. I checked our groups and they had the correct users listed and when I “show access rights” on my admin home, the correct groups show under each report.

    Thanks in advance for help restoring access to my users and reports.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When the users log in, no reports is shown?

    Do admins see the reports and can they execute the reports (to check the transfer was correctly done)?

    There should be no problems seeing the reports if the permissions are correctly set and if the transfer was correctly done. If the server is online and you can grant us a temporary access, please contact the support email for details and we can take a look what might be the cause of it.

    myDBR Team


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