Showing image thumbnails w/ hyperlink to full image within reporting row

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  1. rpark, Member

    Hi folks,
    Looking through the documentation I am unsure of how to accomplish what the title states. I need to show a 90x90 thumbnail of a picture right within the report's row for that record. This is an inventory picture and the related inventory information is on the same row.

    For example:

    WidgetX $1.99 <Thumbnail of Widget X which opens new window with full image> In-stock 25 Remaining
    WidgetY $1.89 <Thumbnail of Widget Y which opens new window with full image> In-Stock 99 Remaining


  2. rpark, Member

    Ok, I think I realize why I didn't conceptualize this properly.

    Would it be as simple as adding the < IMG > tag to the report's dbr.html and referencing the dbr database column with the image's URL in it?

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Yes, it's that simple.

    Just use full path to image (as opposed to a relative path), so the wkhtmltopdf will find the image as the base directory will be different.

    myDBR Team

  4. rpark, Member

    Love the "extensibility", at first it's overwhelming, but that's what enables ANYTHING, so I will embrace that ;)

    Thanks for the support two times today!


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