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  1. apao, Member


    We're planning to migrate myDBR (Premium license) from a server to another.
    Do you have a procedure to do so?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR stores it's data in the database, so simply move the database to the new server and any modifications that you have done in mydbr/user-directory.

    If you are running MySQL/MariaDB, make sure you include routines to the database dump and take care of the DEFINER-statements so that they are either removed / matches the new setup.

    See steps at "I'm moving the myDBR installation to the new server, what do I do?"

    myDBR Team

  3. apao, Member

    sorry for my silence, I had to delay the migration. I finally migrated this week, it worked.
    I still have some minor issues and might post about them if I can't fix them by myself but the main thing is ok.
    Thanks for your help!

  4. apao, Member


    following our migration from a "Windows 7" machine to a "Windows 2016 Server" machine, I noticed that some images were broken on our "new" MyDBR. So I checked the image directory (mydbr/images) on both machines and noticed that the following files are missing on the new machine when I compare with the old machine:

    Is it normal?

    Furthermore, when I saw that, I checked the whole myDBR directory on both machines. On our old machine (Windows 7), it contains 1339 files and 233 folders. On our new machine (Windows 2016 Server), it contains 1268 files and 226 folders.

    PS: myDBR version is 5.7.6 build 4087 on both machines

    PPS: I don't know if it matters but I had to add a line in the host file of the new machine so that I can run myDBR on it during my post-migration tests. The line I added in the host file makes the new machine see itself as having the name of our old machine (so the line is something like " old_mydbr_server"). This enables me to test the new myDBR server while our users keep on using the old myDBR server until the migration is completed.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    this is perfectly normal. The old machine has some files that are no longer part of myDBR (like variants of the image files you described). myDBR updater does not delete all the old files (not all installation allow file delete), so there may be some some small files from previous versions.

    You do not need to worry about the myDBR files. The automatic updater makes sure that all necessary files are there.
    myDBR Team

  6. apao, Member

    Thanks for your answer.
    However, as I said, there's at least one broken image on our new instance of myDBR. It's the myDBR logo on the upper right side of the screen, above the mention "Welcome to myDBR reporting! Change your logo here". The address of this broken image is mydbr/images/apppic_small.jpg. This file is present on our old instance of myDBR (so the image is of course displayed) but not on our new instance.
    Is there a reason why? Could it be due to the fact you recently changed your official logo?

  7. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Yes, you are right.

    The image in question comes from the user customizable file main_sidebar.html which is in the user-directory. The user-directory is reserved for user specific customization (own CSS styles, own logos, own extensions, own templates, own themes etc). The default logo filename changed by the time when we updated the product logo.

    Now that you did your migration and copied the user-directory from the old system, you also copies the non-edited version of the main_sidebar.html which had the reference to old apppic_small.jpg (overwriting the new logo.png-reference).

    We've now included the apppic_small.jpg back to the distribution (copy of the current logo), so users who have not customized the logo in the main screen will see the the new logo.

    What you can do to fix the broken icon is a) run the automatic updater and you will get the myDBR logo or b) edit the user/main_sidebar.html file (Server side files -> main_sidebar.html) to include your own logo or c) edit the the user/main_sidebar.html to use logo.png (again new myDBR logo).

    Thanks for pointing this out.
    myDBR Team

  8. apao, Member

    Thanks for your answer. When trying to fix this issue this morning, I saw that I had the possibility to customize the main_sidebar.html file (so far, I had thought this was an OEM-specific feature) so I did it.


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