(1406): Data too long for column 'inParam_list' at row 1

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  1. Aardvark, Member


    After the last update to version myDBR 5.7.1 (build 3943), I have't ran this report for a while....but I've Started getting the following error on one of my reports:

    If I reduce the parameters down to 32 it works there seems to be some limit, any help would be appreciated.

    (1406): Data too long for column 'inParam_list' at row 1
    SQL: call sp_MyDBR_ProcParamsTxt(75,'v_Transaction_Date CHAR(12), v_Transaction_Time CHAR(10), v_Time_Zone CHAR(10), v_Name VARCHAR(75), v_Transaction_Type VARCHAR(50), v_Payment_Status VARCHAR(30), v_Currency CHAR(4), v_Gross DECIMAL(10,4), v_Fee DECIMAL(10,4), v_Net DECIMAL(10,4), v_From_Email_Address TEXT(100), v_To_Email_Address TEXT(100), v_Transaction_ID VARCHAR(40), v_Counterparty_Status VARCHAR(30), v_Delivery_Address TEXT(300), v_Address_Status VARCHAR(50), v_Item_Title TEXT(800), v_Item_ID TEXT, v_Postage_And_Packaging_Amount DECIMAL(10,4), v_Insurance_Amount DECIMAL(10,4), v_VAT DECIMAL(10,4), v_Option_1_Name VARCHAR(100), v_Option_1_Value VARCHAR(100), v_Option_2_Name VARCHAR(100), v_Option_2_Value VARCHAR(100), v_Auction_Site CHAR(10), v_Buyer_ID VARCHAR(50), v_Item_URL VARCHAR(150), v_Closing_Date char(30), v_Escrow_ID CHAR(10), v_Reference_Txn_ID VARCHAR(50), v_Invoice_Number VARCHAR(60), v_Custom_Number VARCHAR(100), v_Quantity CHAR(4), v_Receipt_ID VARCHAR(20), v_Balance DECIMAL(10,4), v_Address_Line_1 TEXT(250), v_Address_Line_2 TEXT(250), v_Town_City VARCHAR(100), v_County VARCHAR(100), v_Postcode VARCHAR(50), v_Country VARCHAR(50), v_Contact_Phone_Number VARCHAR(100), v_Subject text(150), v_Note TEXT(250), v_Funding_Source VARCHAR(40), v_Card_Type VARCHAR(20), v_Transaction_Event_Code VARCHAR(10), v_Payment_Tracking_ID VARCHAR(50), v_Bank_Reference_ID VARCHAR(45), v_Transaction_Buyer_Country_Code VARCHAR(3), v_Item_Details VARCHAR(30), v_Vouchers VARCHAR(150), v_Special_Offers VARCHAR(100), v_Loyalty_Card_Number VARCHAR(40), v_Authorisation_Review_Status CHAR(5), v_Protection_Eligibility CHAR(2), v_Country_Code CHAR(3), v_Balance_Impact VARCHAR(8)',0);

    Kind Regards


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    it should not give an error. The parameter in question (inParam_list) in myDBR 5.7.1 has a length of 2500 chars and your parameter list is shorter than that.

    Can you take a look what the parameter length in the procedure is in your setup (paste the 'sp_MyDBR_ProcParamsTxt' into the SQL Editor and click 'Show selected object'-button.

    Here is the same code running in demo site.

    To make sure your setup is not somehow changed, you can run the automatic updater which will recreate the procedure in question.

    myDBR Team

  3. Aardvark, Member


    The following was returned, but I still have the error....any ideas?

    CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_MyDBR_ProcParamsTxt`(inProc_id int, inParam_list varchar(2500), inUseConverted tinyint )

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    That should be long enough for your string as shown in the demo-site.

    Just run the automatic updater to get the latest version. That should fix the issue as the installer recreates the routines.
    myDBR Team

  5. Aardvark, Member

    Hi the update fixed it thanks


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