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  1. Adrian, Member

    My goal is to create a report with a column that includes buttons for each line. This buttons could be like delete, archive or other "actions" which triggers specifiy sql insert/updates/deletes with the id of the current row. After the click-event and the action-processing the report should refresh. Is this possible with mydbr? Thanks in advance

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Yes, you can do this.

    You attach a linked report to a column and detect a click to it. A column itself can have any HTML in it. To have a button there, create a CSS button (or use any online CSS button creations tools to make CSS definition to you). The target of the linked report can be insude the report itself, so you can either refresh the full report or use JavaScript as the output of the linked report, dynamically change the contnet of your report (so you do not need to refresh the whole report).

    See documentation for "'Delete a row'-example, use Javascript to enhance editing" section in Creating editable reports

    myDBR Team


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