Bugs in DBR.Lockcolumns

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  1. rpark, Member

    I've noticed a couple bugs in dbr.lockcolumns, these are:

    1. If you hide columns the column that should be frozen is offset by the number of hidden columns.
    2. Column filters set with dbr.column.filter do not lock and as such as soon as you scroll horizontally the column filters are incorrect above the columns.

      To mimic excel functionality, this feature would also need to freeze column filters above the frozen columns

    Thanks for taking a look at these issues!

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Thank you for reporting this. We'll take a look.

    myDBR Team

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The problem witg locked column with hidden columns is now fixed.

    Can you send a sample of the filters being incorrectly above the columns to support email so we can replicate that one.
    myDBR Team

  4. rpark, Member

    Thank you, I also noticed that with dbr.toggle, if there is a hidden column to the left of the column I want to be toggle-able, the label for the toggle will be incorrect, it will be the label for the hidden column to the left. The toggling will still work as expected though on the correct column's visibility, just the label is wrong.

    For example, if I have a hidden 'ID' column to the left of a 'Client' column that I want to be toggle-able, the label for the toggle will be 'ID' and NOT 'Client', however, when I check the checkbox to toggle the column's visibility 'Client' is toggled correctly.

    I will send in a code sample for the filters ASAP.

    Thank you!

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Thanks, the issue is now fixed.

    myDBR Team


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