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  1. maron, Member


    We might be going wrong about this, but we are trying to use an embedded report as a form in another report.

    However we always need to click a link, cell, button or something to open up the form - can we somehow just embed the report parameters at the bottom.

    The report embedded has some additional fields we want the user to fill in.

    Right now user has to click 'approve terms and apply' (which we cannot get to work as a button) - this shows the embedded report where he clicks another button.

    select 'dbr.hideheader';
    select '','sp_DBR_add_user','embedded_report_confirm[]', '[embed_report]', 'inUser=(inLogin)';
    select 'Approve terms and apply' as 'Approve terms[embed_report]' from dual;

    Best regards,

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    What is the problem with making the link to be a button?

    If you want a linked report to be executed automatically, you can click the link (button or other kind of link) via JavaScript.

    myDBR Team


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