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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the availability of the myDBR 5.8 release.

    The long wait for 5.8 release is now over as ionCube has released the 10.4.0 loader with PHP 7.4. PHP 7.4 support was one of the features planned for myDBR 5.8 release.

    The recommended ionCube loader is now 10.4.0 as it fixes some memory leaks resulting in lower memory consumption on affected platforms.

    myDBR 5.8.0 will be the last release supporting PHP 5.3 - 5.4. If you are using those versions (or PHP 5.6), your should update the PHP version.

    New functionality:

    • PHP 7.4 support
    • Active Directory, support for port number in DC
    • Major rewrite for organization chart
    • Autocomplete support for editable
    • Use PHP based ZipArchive if php-zip is not installed
    • gvmap support for Graphviz with preprocessing
    • PEAR dependency removed from Graphviz
    • User can now stack categories in the main view
    • New callpopupsubmit linked report parameter for popup form handling customization
    • Multiselect parameter type
    • Allow direct link and new_window in dbr.selectable
    • dbr.toggle command for collapsing columns / rows
    • Support for Textlocal SMS gateway
    • SQL Editor help documentation can now include own extensions
    • Support for multilevel tabs
    • dbr.calc support for chart data
    • direct_mode export option for faster Excel and CSV export for large data queries
    • New inExportFormatSet-automatic parameter for direct exports
    • Allow remote files to be embedded and exported into Excel
    • Introduction for 'theme'-URL parameter
    • Support for boolean datatype
    • dbr.sum now support negative times
    • MS SQL query builder table now joins foreign keys
    • Ability to quickly change default database in SQL Editor
    • Font previews in the Server side files
    • Autosize search/replace in the editor
    • New MSLine3d chart
    • ignore_ssl option added to dbr.mail.attach
    • Excel formula command supports now format only
    • Support for multiple AD domains
    • Support for longer names in Sybase
    • Improved handling of empty crosstab in export
    • Fixes Excel export filename on some servers
    • JSON datatype support
    • xml.element_wrapper export option added
    • Save logins option added to OEM version
    • Support for GET_* report parameter for user-defined dynamic parameters
    • New dbr.mail.header_file-command for customized mail headers
    • MS SQL Server installations now use database_default collation
    • Support for .tmpl editing in Server Side Files
    • Option to use 2FA only for external users/admins
    • samesite Cookie settings

    Fixes and general improvements:

    • CSFR fix for autocomplete parameters and autologin
    • An URL with getchart parameter now returns correct Content-type
    • Fix for handling objects containing '-' character in SQL Server
    • Fix in Italian translations causing a JavaScript error
    • Format decimal ".1234" as "0.1234" in SQLSRV
    • Fix a potential problem when adding a user group
    • Better support for indent with tabs in SQL Editor
    • An improved empty result set handling in Graphviz
    • Fix for negative report parameters
    • embed_element encoding fixes
    • Geocodes support now 9 decimals
    • Numeric formatting fix for summary with dbr.colstyle
    • Improved formatting for very large numbers
    • Fixed an issue where the report title was shown even if not wanted
    • Fix for IIS file handling in uploads
    • File editing fix for Windows servers
    • Fix tab ajax report permission check
    • Tablesorter no longer treats string that starts with a number as numeric
    • Crosstab summary_first fix
    • Select list / Find now uses OK / Cancel when used in dbr.editable
    • Fix for Copy to Clipboard after browser's behavior change
    • Improved database hints in SQL Editor
    • Calendar UI improvements
    • Improved chart text encoding
    • Sparkline fix for Firefox browser
    • Improved locale detection the when the user has not chosen the locale
    • Improved hideheader for crosstabs
    • Fix crosstab hsum calc with v.sum
    • Columnfilter values are now logically sorted
    • Fixed checkbox checked handling in connected parameters
    • myDBR now remembers select-find connected parameter at levels 3 and greater
    • force and force_summary options added for dbr.calc
    • Fix for crosstab total sum when in the first line contained a null value
    • Fix for dbr.crosstab.col.title
    • Fix for 2FA and ask password change
    • Fix for user updates with longer usernames in MS SQL Server and in Sybase

    As always, you can update to the new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team

  2. MaxOla, Member

    Hello myDBR Team !

    Thanks you for this new release and your great job !

    I encoutered a problem during automatique update and I don't understand what is it...

    Do you have an idea...? I tried to add indexs on column "user" and "aunthentication" on "mydbr_userlogin table but it doesn't work...

    Updating database Failed
    Running script failed with error
    MySQL error 1215: Cannot add foreign key constraint
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydbr_favourite_folders` (
    `id` int not null auto_increment,
    `user` varchar(128),
    `authentication` int NOT NULL,
    `folder_id` int NOT NULL,
    INDEX USING BTREE ( `user`, `authentication` ),
    FOREIGN KEY (`folder_id`) REFERENCES mydbr_folders (`folder_id`) ON DELETE CASCADE,
    FOREIGN KEY (`user`, `authentication`) REFERENCES mydbr_userlogin (`user`, `authentication`) ON DELETE CASCADE
    ) ENGINE=InnoDB

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    most likely you are running myDBR with different charset/collation that you installed it with.

    Check the output of

    mysql> show create table mydbr_userlogin

    If it says


    Then create the mydbr_favourite_folders table with command:

    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydbr_favourite_folders` (
    `id` int not null auto_increment,
    `user` varchar(128),
    `authentication` int NOT NULL,
    `folder_id` int NOT NULL,
    INDEX USING BTREE ( `user`, `authentication` ),
    FOREIGN KEY (`folder_id`) REFERENCES mydbr_folders (`folder_id`) ON DELETE CASCADE,
    FOREIGN KEY (`user`, `authentication`) REFERENCES mydbr_userlogin (`user`, `authentication`) ON DELETE CASCADE

    After this the updater should work just fine.

    myDBR Team

  4. MaxOla, Member

    Thank you for your quick answer ! It has resolved my problem, thanks !

  5. Adrian, Member

    Hey myDBR Team
    Great job!

    I have a question about the license. We are currently using version 5.7, but at the same time have to update to PHP 7.4.
    Do we have to order a new license or is there an upgrade option to 5.8?

    DB: mysql
    Type: premium
    Version: 5.7.4

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    you can always update to the latest versions. myDBR license includes full updates to all new versions.

    myDBR Team


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