multi-value checkbox selection is not working

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  1. eugfri, Member


    I had this code for quite some time now:

    SELECT 'dbr.editable', '[condCol]', 'sp_DBR_myproc_edit_condCol', 'inLogin=(inLogin)', 'inID=ID', 'checkbox_id=Conds', 'type=checkbox', "select=select.... from... where...";

    and it was working perfectly giving user ability to select multiple options as checkboxes while editing column and get comma delimited list of selected values into a column.
    But i have noticed it has stopped working - possibly very recently, while i have made no code changes.

    Could this be due to some bug introduced in most recent patches?
    I am on version myDBR 5.8.1 (build 4223)

    Thank you


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When you say that it "is not working", do you get any error messages or what?

    Can you try out the latest build (build 4224 as of this writing)?

    myDBR Team

  3. eugfri, Member

    no error messages, but when i click in within the column edit mode is not on - i.e. nothing happens. I.e. i click on the column and it is like uneditable column.

  4. eugfri, Member

    I have updated to the build 4224 and its working again now!
    I suppose it was an issue in that specific build I had...


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