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  1. ziuras, Member

    myDBR server can not perform 2 reports at the same time.
    e.g. 1 user runs a slow report, and 2 users runs a fast report. That is, until a report for user 1 is generated, a quick report for user 2 is not generated. Should this be the case here, or is something wrong with my configuration

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The concurrent requests are not limited in myDBR for different users. Any limitations that may occur are derived from underlying configurations (web server, database connections, database locking if reports use same resources). We have customers with thousands of users with no limitatons.

    For one user, myDBR closes the web server session as soon as it can. If you check the "Use embedded charts" in the Environment settings, myDBR is able to close the session sooner and user can run multiple reports simultaneously in different browser windows/tabs.

    It is hard to tell without access to the system what might cause this for you (for multiple users) without more information.
    myDBR Team

  3. ziuras, Member

    Thanks, with "Use embedded charts" checked, it is much better.

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    As said, the earlier session closing (enabled by use of "Use embedded charts"), only affects one user with multiple pages open in one browser. It has no effect on multiple users accessing system at same time (which should work by default just fine).

    myDBR Team


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