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  1. -nth-, Member

    A couple questions I've jotted down from playing in mydbr for a couple hours and haven't been able to find documentation on...

    1: Is there any way to show/hide folders based on permissions? I'd like to prevent users from seeing other user's folders (even if they appear empty). If not what's a best practice for organizing reports and still presenting a clean interface to each user (i.e. not cluttered with empty folders and categories)?
    2: When using dbr.pager is the report search capability disabled? The triangle shows up but there's no search box available.
    3: When using dbr.pager is column sort permanently disabled?
    4: Small thing, I know, but is there a way to change the spelling of the "Favourites" category? Stateside we prefer "Favorites" :)


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the easiest way to organize the reports are the report categories. User sees only those categories which have reports into them, so no clutter in UI even if you have lot of categories for different user groups. Categories are also faster for user than the folders. When you start to build report networks by linkng the reports together you do not need that many individual reports anyways. Folders on the other hand are better suited for storing the linked reports.

    Pager do disable both search and sorting, so you might want to think when to use them.

    We've changed the Favourites -> Favorites for the next release. Thanks for pointing that out. You can do the same by editing the language files at mydbr/interface/languages/en_US.php.

    myDBR Team

  3. -nth-, Member

    Thanks for the reply. Regarding question 3, is there any way to page the data and still have search capability?


  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Not at the moment no. We can take a look at it. Should not be that difficult for us to include both.

    There are alternatives to pager though. Depends really what the use case is.

    myDBR Team

  5. -nth-, Member

    Use case would be displaying a grid of 50 records at a time (10 or so columns) with search capability across full record set. For example if 1,000 records were returned and mydbr was displaying only the first 50, the search would query the entire record set.


  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Instead of fetching all 1000 rows and filtering the result afterwards you might want to consider alternative methods for limiting the data. A good approach usually is that you let the database do all the hard work.

    myDBR Team


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