No Admin Available - Urgent Requirement to Access MYDBR

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  1. nobby1980, Member

    It seems that our license has expired and there is no ADMIN available to pay for a new licence. We need to access the system as it is system critical.

    We are all seeing this at login: "You need a valid license. Log in as admin to enter one or contact your admin."

    Is there anyway to pay for a renewal of the license to allow other users to login?

    I saw another thread about adding "&local" but that didn't work. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If your installation is configured to use other login method than myDBR login (SSO, Active Directory, Google ,etc.) those login credentials are no longer available when the license has expired as they are part of Premium/OEM license. To access the license page, you then need to use myDBR login.

    To use myDBR login when your installation is configured otherwise add the '&local=1' to the login URL (myDBR should already suggest that in case the license is expired).

    If you do not know the admin user account for myDBR login, you can query that from the DB:

    In case you are using MySQL, use:

    select user from mydbr_userlogin
    where admin=1 and authentication=2;

    In case you are using MS SQL Sever/Sybase, use:

    select username from mydbr_userlogin
    where admin=1 and authentication=2;

    That will give you the admin username.

    In case you have lost the password for the admin user, you can reset it.

    In MySQL:

    update mydbr_userlogin
    set password = md5('secret')
    where authentication=2 and user = 'username_from_previous_query';

    MS SQL Sever/Sybase:

    update mydbr_userlogin
    set password = 'd693c4871a99d7acf43c4b1112da0c6e'
    where authentication=2 and user = 'username_from_previous_query';

    where 'd693c4871a99d7acf43c4b1112da0c6e' is MD5 hash for 'dba'.

    myDBR does not use md5-hashes internally, but does understand one if supplied. You can change it to more secure one once you have logged in.

    In the extreme case there is no admin user with myDBR login, you can simply add one:

    In MySQL use:

     insert into mydbr_userlogin ( user, password, name, `admin`, passworddate, email, authentication, telephone)
    values ('dba',md5('dba'),'myDBR Administrator',1, now(), null, 2, null);

    In MS SQL Server/Sybase use:

    insert into mydbr_userlogin ( username, password, name, admin, passworddate, email, authentication, telephone)
    values ('dba','d693c4871a99d7acf43c4b1112da0c6e','myDBR Administrator',1, getdate(), null, 2, null)

    After you have sorted out the license issue, make sure your admin user has a secure password and possibly limit the secure the admin access via 2FA.

    Please note that you can always update your license one month prior expiration. This will ensure a smooth update.

    myDBR Team


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