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  1. ziuras, Member

    Hi, i have a report:
    CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_DBR_report] (@kodasPo varchar(12)) AS BEGIN
    declare @Fil char(12)
    declare TmpT cursor local FORWARD_ONLY FAST_FORWARD READ_ONLY for
    SELECT distinct Fil FROM t1 where kodasPo = @kodasPo order by Fil
    open TmpT
    while 1 = 1 begin
    fetch next from TmpT into @Fil
    if @@FETCH_STATUS <> 0 break
    select 'dbr.text', rtrim(@Fil)
    select '', 1
    SELECT Fil, CountA FROM t1 WHERE (kodasPo = @kodasPo) and Fil = @Fil ORDER BY NR
    close TmpT
    deallocate TmpT
    END go
    Global export works as expected, but export for a given result set working bad.
    If i press export to excel on first or second result set i get all recordsets if i press global export.
    if i export to csv on first result set i got empty, on second result set i get csv with first result set data.

    version: myDBR 5.8.9 (build 4357)

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The latest build should handle the result set ID's better.

    myDBR Team

  3. ziuras, Member

    the same problem
    can i send example to ?

  4. ziuras, Member

    first set export to xlsx or csv export only "," comma. and is from "select 'dbr.text', rtrim(@Fil)"
    the second export is the first select * from ...

    if i comment select 'dbr.text', rtrim(@Fil), the export works as expected.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Please, create a support ticket with an SQL export of your report.

    Note that dbr.text creates it's own result set, so the first dataset you have is the second one.

    Btw, you could use dbr.subtitle instead of dbr.text.

    myDBR Team


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