myDBR 5.9 - "Winter cleaning 2021"

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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the availability of the myDBR 5.9 release.

    myDBR 5.9 brings new functionality, optimizations and fixes. Many of the features/changes come from user requests, so keep them coming.

    New functionality:

    • FullCalendar updated to v5. Note that is you have used native FullCalendar options from v3, the FullCalendar's API has changed in v5 and you may have check your code
    • CSV code editing support in editable reports
    • Data browser now offers URL to the selected element
    • Data browser in SQL Server shows schemas as separate items
    • Element drag-and-drop and move support for organization chart
    • Organization chart toggle state change can now be linked to a linked report
    • in_MyDBR_OrganizationID automatic parameter
    • OEM meta description option added
    • Ability to inactivate a user
    • New chart option: label.max.width
    • ChartJS-chart titles can now contain multiple lines
    • New ChartJS chart SplineArea
    • New legend positioning options in charts
    • label.wrap option now support the Pie-charts
    • legend.padding option added tp charts
    • MSColumnLineDY-chart supports now category_order-option
    • added
    • added
    • Ability to add tooltips to buttons
    • Ability to disable tooltips with no_tooltip-resultclass
    • dbr.url targets choises now include parent_window and top_window
    • Built-in PDF export error troubleshooting
    • Automatic parameter support added for Multiselect
    • inAutoReportProcedure automatic parameter
    • Multiselect-columnfilter added
    • Report deletion allows deleting the report procedure as well
    • Folders can now be added as favorites
    • Overriding automatic parameters are now allowed
    • Placeholder support for parameters
    • Possibility to hide a parameter from the user
    • Show groups's users directly from report and folder edit
    • Ability to redirect user when user is unable to connect to myDBR via the redirect_on_connection_failure-default
    • Ability to use an empty no_data
    • Extensions support in Main view's dashboard
    • Multifile upload text update
    • Allow dbr.html: in accordion and in accordion styles
    • Ability to disable 'grant all' and 'public' report permission options via the defaults
    • Autocomplete works now with connected parameters
    • Open all reports into a new window added as an option to defaults
    • dbr.text now acts as a separate result set
    • Ability to set options for SQLSRV connction via defaults sqlsrv_connect_info
    • Editable reports can now perform HTTP POST and HTTP GET in the background
    • Synchronization now syncs styles (optional)
    • Improved security on file direct access
    • Improved security checks on user inputs
    • Ability to skip cookie SameSite option
    • myDBR is now Adobe Flash-free

    Fixes and general improvements:

    • Allows updates from servers not configured to recognize certificates from the update server
    • Improved linked reports in special cases
    • dbr.list linked report parameters can now contain spaces
    • Improved Organization ID handling in the login
    • Favorites can now handle changing url hash seed
    • works with tab name
    • Empty popup result close will not close all popups
    • Multiple ChartDirector native commands allowed again in same report
    • Improved CSRF error handling in the login
    • Fix for Chrome's editable select escape
    • MultipleActiveResultSets is turned off by default in SQLSRV driver to fix issues with the driver
    • Improved dbr.selectable
    • Improved handling of collapsed textareas
    • Multiseries chart labels alignment
    • Multiple issues fixed between jQuery and wkhtmltopdf's JS engine
    • Main view report drag-and-drop fixes
    • Improved behavior when linked reports target is set with 'callpopupsubmit'
    • Improved error handling in the mail
    • Multifile upload text update
    • Scheduled reports now check the HTTPS status codes
    • Improved decimal number support in JSON exports
    • A better choice for crosstab default sorting methods for calculated columns
    • Improved table sorting
    • html5data-option now works in mobile pageview
    • Improved editable checkbod
    • Select find size works now in all browsers
    • Improved number formatting with large numbers in mssql
    • Improved support for Transact-SQL dialect in the SQL Editor
    • dbr.localization added as recognized command
    • Improved support for popups in Main views' dashboard
    • Improved support for dbr.keepwithnext in exports
    • Dutch translation fixes
    • The more detailed failed-login info
    • Improved tooltip positioning
    • UI fixes for time and datetime editing
    • Misc UI fixes (columnfilter field empty WebKit, fixed header in popup, lockcolumns header dynamic height, crosstab single line col_class correction)
    • Find+columnfilter UI fix
    • Multiselect columnfilter now works better with sticky table headers in Chrome-based browsers
    • Improved handling when dbr.selectable and dbr.collapse and tablesorter were used in the same object

    As always, you can update to the new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team

  2. brycedcamp, Member

    After updating to this version, a newly created background process is failing to produce a PDF report for all but one request.

    This particular report has three rows inside of it, click on "View" to view the PDF of the quote works great. But, the other two don't work at all because the URL hash changes every time. Is this new?

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    there is no change in PDF creation. URL hash is calculated based on the report and the report's parameters.

    Could you open up a support ticket with more details? Please include the report source code and the SQL export of the report. Include also got any error messages and a failed PDF file if such is created.

    myDBR Team

  4. brycedcamp, Member

    This update has also resulted in all favorites for *some* users showing error "Unfortunately we could not complete your request. Please contact your system admin" - some of the users are able to remove the favorites and re-add, some are not.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    This may happen if your secret seed has changed. You can run the following command in the SQL Editor to restore the functionality of the favorites:

    update mydbr_favourite_reports set url = null

    myDBR Team

  6. mhennahane, Member

    I am running v5.92 of myDBR -- my license is 5.9.3, so the software is not functional right now.

    When I run the auto-updater, it runs and claims it is successful, but the software still thinks it's 5.9.2 and my license still does not work.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    If it matters, you should know that I am running myDBR on apache/centos on a server that is NOT the database server.

  7. myDBR Team, Key Master

    What is your PHP version you are running?

    Notice that myDBR supports PHP from 5.6 upwards. The support for PHP 5.3-5.5 was ended so that we can keep the libraries and thrid party components up to date. PHP's own support for old PHP versions have ended long time ago (for PHP 5.5 already almost 5 years ago).

    If you are running an old PHP version, see documentation for "Update between major PHP versions".
    myDBR Team

  8. mhennahane, Member

    Thanks for the lead - we are WAY behind on PHP. This machine has not been touched in years.


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