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  1. Adrian, Member

    Hey Team,

    today I've bought a new premium license (version 5.9.2). Before that I have used version 5.7.8
    Now I have the problem that my application runs on PHP 5.6 and is not working with the new version. -> Requires >PHP 7
    (I know that I have to update that)
    Is there a quick option to downgrade only the license to 5.7.8 to get it working?
    After that I have time to update my application for PHP 7+.
    Please help.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    while it is recommended to use newer PHP (official PHP support ended over two years ago), myDBR 5.9.2 does still support PHP 5.6. Just run the automatic updater and you should be fine.

    myDBR Team


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