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  1. maron, Member


    Is there any chance running mydbr in a writer / reader setup.

    Many of our reports are quite heavy, and while we can update data in our master database via mydbr we would also like to do cpu heavy and time constraining sql queries when analysing data. It would be very good to be able to direct these queries to a slave server (which could possibly only be for analytics purposes).

    All update queries would in this case be directed to the writer (master) and all read only queries could be directed to a slave.

    Not sure if this can be handled easily with stored procedures, unless we mark the procedure as read-only.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    While the master and the slave contain same data, they are separate databases for any application that uses them. There are ways of splitting reads and writes on database level (using a proxy) bu they do no usually work that well with stored procedures as sp's execute in the server.

    The easiest solution is to have separate instancies (one for write access) and another for read access.

    myDBR Team


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