OK/Cancel buttons non-functional when adding em/px height to editable field span

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  1. duane, Member


    I have a weird behaviour I want to check if it is a bug:

    1. I have a template
    2. with editable fields
    3. and spans wrapping each field.
    4. Two of the fields are textareas (one plain text, one rich text).
    5. The dbr.editable options includes 'onblur':'' so that the OK/Cancel buttons appear.
    6. I use dbr.css to set the height, width and white-space.

    The problem is that:

    1. If I set the height (via dbr.css) as '10em' or '150px', the span height sizes appropriately, but the OK/Cancel buttons cease to work (don't click or respond to clicking to save the content)
    2. If I set the height (via dbr.css) as '10' or '150', the span height does not size appropriately, but the OK/Cancel buttons DO to work (save content when clicked)

    One example of the snippets of code that results in the OK/Cancel buttons not working would be:
    SELECT 'dbr.css', ".plaintext>.editable {white-space: pre-wrap; height: 10; width: 100%;}"; <...snip...>

    SELECT 'dbr.editable', 'myplaintextfield', 'sp_DBR_update', 'inID=ID', type=textarea', "options={'html':1, 'onblur':'', 'width':'100%', 'height':'150'}";

    <...and appropriate select query of course...>

    TEMPLATE snippet: <div class="field" id="myplaintextfield"> <label for="myplaintextfield"> Write a short recommendation/lead-in to the job. This will be used when the job is shared via email and other forms of social media. </label> <span class="value plaintext"> {#poster_comment} </span> </div>

    So - does this occur for you too? Do you have any suggestions for solving it (is it a code change, mydbr update, etc)?



  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Can you create a full working sample for this?

    myDBR Team

  3. duane, Member

    OK - must be something in my code - my simplified version seems to work OK so far.


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