Read u/e value in direct url before submission?

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  1. duane, Member


    I've got an editable report that has a number of parameters. One of the parameters is a row ID.

    I want to provide people with a direct URL containing the row ID so they can retrieve that record for review/editing. If there is no record it will be blank and they fill it in to create a new record.

    What i am having a problem with is when using a direct URL and passing the rowid via the u/e URL query string variable, it doesn't seem to load the record. Could this be because the u/e value isn't passed to the parameter queries with a direct URL? It isn't set to auto-run.

    Any hints of what may be going wrong?

    UPDATE: upon testing again with a clone of the original report, it seems to work on the non-radio button parameters (which have "no selection radiobutton" checked) so it could be due to that. Ideally "no selection radiobutton" would not apply/be overridden if the parameter query returns a default value.

  2. duane, Member

    OK - just confirmed:

    1. When I change the rowid parameter to be "Do not show to the user", the other parameter queries either don't run or don't receive the hidden value - it only works when the rowid value isn't hidden (I wish to use it hidden as no-one knows the row value)
    2. when "no selection radiobutton" is unselected, it works fine. But when "no selection radiobutton" is selected, even a default value provided results in no selection.

    What I was hoping to happen is that

    1. When I select the rowid to not show using "Do not show to the user" it should still work with the other parameter queries
    2. if no default value is provided, "no selection radiobutton" doesn't pre-select any radio button (without "no selection radiobutton" selected it picks the first one). But if there is a default value, even with "no selection radiobutton" selected, it selects that value.

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    could you provide an example of the thing you are trying to do. Would be easier to understand what is is included. You can use either the forum or support email.

    myDBR Team

  4. duane, Member

    I've just sent in a support email with links to detailed demo reports on my site with the different scenarios.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    We'll continue the discussion there.

    myDBR Team


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