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  1. duane, Member


    I've recently started implementing the calendar feature and want to make use of the drag and drop editing to change the date-time. But despite following the instructions it doesn't seem to work (latest Chrome, latest mydbr).

    What I have for code is:

    SELECT 'dbr.calendar', 1000; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'defaultView', 'week'; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'weekNumbers', 0; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'editable', '', 'sp_DBR_calendar_edit', 'id'; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'event.editable', 'session_name'; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', '', 'id';

    SELECT ea.session_start, ea.session_end, ea.session_name, '' AS style, FROM mydb.event_postings AS e INNER JOIN mydb.event_agendas AS ea;

    Is there anything I am missing to make this work? Does it only work with the dynamic fetching or can it be used with the directly fetched data as I have above?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the optional event.editable defined what kind of editing is allowed for the entry. The paramerter for the option is a CiolumnReference to a column containing values 'all', 'start', 'duration' or ''. In 'all' both start and duration can be edited, if '' no editing is allowed.

    If you want just the drag-and-drop editing (=change the start time) to be possible, then use a column containing 'start' for the options CiolumnReference.

    myDBR Team

  3. duane, Member

    OK. Made some changed but still can't get it to work. I want it to allow editing of all options (start, end/duration, text).

    I've tried (removed "SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'event.editable', 'session_name';")
    SELECT 'dbr.calendar', 1000; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'defaultView', 'week'; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'weekNumbers', 0; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', '', 'id'; SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'editable', 'all', 'sp_DBR_calendar_edit';

    SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'editable', 'all', 'sp_DBR_calendar_edit';
    SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'editable', 'all', 'sp_DBR_calendar_edit', 'id';
    SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'editable', 'all', 'sp_DBR_calendar_edit', 'id', 'session_start', 'session_end', 'session_name';

    ...but none seem to make the drag and drop functionality work (even after cache clearing and refreshing). Is there something I am still missing or should this work?

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The format:

    SELECT 'dbr.calendar.options', 'editable', 'all', 'sp_DBR_calendar_simple_edit', 'id';

    Is the correct one as you need to pass the ID for the editable entry.

    See a demo.

    myDBR Team

  5. duane, Member

    Yes I was using the other demos and the deme version works fine, yet strangely enough it still isn't working. I'll email directly with a support request.

  6. duane, Member

    Solved this with help from myDBR support. For anyone else reading this my problem that I overlooked was very obvious: I was calling the procedure "sp_DBR_calendar_edit" but the actual name was "sp_DBR_event_agenda_edit" - oops!


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