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  1. ajdjackson, Member


    This has been doling my head in for the last few hours. :)

    I've a very simple report that has to elements - a semi donut and a table. I'd like them both on the same line. I thought dbr.keepwith next would work but it doesn't. Before I go off and start creating divs, floats (or grid) etc should dbr.keepwithnext with this code.



    select 'dbr.title',''; select 'dbr.html','<header id="header"> <hgroup>

    <h1 class="site_title btn_view_site">'; select 'dbr.divify'; select concat('Sales v Budget Performance for Month ',format(@pdate,'MMM-yyyy'),' and Forecast ',@bNum);

    select 'dbr.html','</hgroup>



    select 'dbr.chart', 'semidoughnutpercent', 'Group Sales Performance'; select 'dbr.colstyle','per','%0.0f'; select 'dbr.keepwithnext';

    select round((cast(c.asales as float)/c.bsales)*100,1) as per from (select sum(actval) as asales, sum(budval) as bsales from #sales) c;

    select 'dbr.sum','asales','bsales';

    select Comp as "Division[comp]", actval as "Actual Sales[asales]", budval as "Budget Sales[bsales]" from #sales;

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    it should work as expected. See a demo. Check that you do not have any CSS definitions that change the behaviour.

    myDBR Team

  3. ajdjackson, Member


    Thanks for the reply.

    I spotted what was up.

    I'd copied an old userstyle.css file over and it had the following in it:

    html, div, map, dt, isindex, form, header, aside, section, article, footer { display: block; }

    Once removed it works as expected.




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