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  1. eugfri, Member


    We had mydbr (mysql) instance which was not up to date (ver 5.8.1). However, our production server had hardware issue and we ended up having to rebuild the system using complete copy of the db and image of the hard drive.
    Is there way to run mydbr without having to run install but by using copy of the old instance db and mydbr home directory?
    When i tried to do that I got prompt about missing license, so I have removed it and re-added it back. However, license is for ver 6.1.2, so i am trying to update my version but running into trouble with that too.

    Technically, I can install most recent version of mydbr from scratch with its own new clean db but need some guidance on how to copy all reports from the old mydbr instance db to the new one. Please advise.

    Thank you


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    you should be able to update from the old db without copying all the reports.

    What are the versions you have in the db (mydbr_version-table) and for the application itself?

    If your db and the application are out of date (both 5.8.1), you should just run the updater to get the latest version. If your db-version is already 6.1.2, but your application is older, update the application manually see

    myDBR Team

  3. eugfri, Member

    Sorry, maybe I wasn't very clear with my question.

    I have
    1) fully recovered mysql mydbr db from my prior working mydbr instance. mydbr_version table contains 5.8.1 in it.
    2) fully recovered /mydbr folder which had my 5.8.1 installation

    I tried to run mydbr by copying 2) to the brand new server, but its not working - seeing error msg about license etc.

    So as I understand, in order to recover i need to
    1) install brand new copy of latest version of mydbr 6.1.2. This will create new clean mydbr db (say, I will name it mydbr1). I can install it using same "docroot" directory, i.e. myserver/mydbr
    2) somehow i need to move all my old objects (reports, perms etc) into new mydbr instance. This is what I am asking for help for. Is there any way to do this systematically as opposed to manual copying reports one by one?

  4. eugfri, Member

    hi, could u plz advise? its very pressing.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    So you have a working 5.8.1 version, just that your license is for newer one?

    You can log in and run the automatic updater. That's it. No need to copy reports.

    If your installation uses authentication that requires a valid license, you can log in using the local login (myDBR authentication).

    myDBR Team

  6. eugfri, Member

    No, my 5.8.1 version is not working. The server it ran on has crashed and we have recovered disks so I have as I said full copy of mysql db and installation directory.

    I want to create clean installation of the most recent version and want to bring in all reports I had in the old installation on the crashed server. How can I do this ???

    I just need to bring all reports and meta-data from the 5.8.1 mydbr db into new clean instance of 6.X mydbr db.

  7. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Still unsure what your status is. You have full copy of mysql db and installation directory and you say:

    No, my 5.8.1 version is not working

    What does it mean when it is "not working"?

    I tried to run mydbr by copying 2) to the brand new server, but its not working - seeing error msg about license etc.

    What is the actual error message apart from the msg about the license? The missing license should not prevent you from running the updater.

    copy of mysql db and installation directory

    You have a full copy of the myDBR db (including the routines?) and the installation directory (=myDBR application). What prevents you loading these to the new server?

    myDBR Team

  8. eugfri, Member

    What does it mean when it is "not working"?

    when i try to access it i get the following error

    No valid license found for mysql server at "xxx".Manage licenses

    When i click on Manage licenses link I see this:

    Some of your licenses are valid for a newer version of myDBR.
    Update myDBR to use these licenses. Your myDBR version is 5.8.1.

    Even though i have actual valid license entered etc. I have tried to delete and re-add license but the issue remains.
    At this point the only option i have is to click "Update mydbr" link.

    I tried that but see the following:

    Update wizard was unable to fetch the changelog
    The update wizard could not contact the myDBR update server using HTTPS protocol to show the changelog at

    Possible causes and remedies for this are:

    Your server is behind a firewall and cannot connect to http://www.mydbr.comcan
    → Define a proxy server in Environmental Settings
    Your PHP does not recognize the certificates used in
    → Put the full path to CA bundle php.ini's curl.cainfo. You can use the cacert.pem-file extracted from Mozilla is really down
    → Try to access with your browser and if you cannot reach it, please try again in a few minutes
    You can still continue with the update by clicking the 'Start'. Actual update, for now, is performed via HTTP

    You should fix the connection issue, as in the future, the full update process will be done using HTTPS

    I am not behind http proxy, I do have curl.cainfo entry in my php.ini pointing to the good version of cacert.pem and I can access from my server without any issue.
    But I am stuck unable to update mydbr.

    So after trying this all I thought my only option is to install clean mydbr instance and try to bring in all my reports and meta-data from old instance db. Which is why I was asking about this.

  9. myDBR Team, Key Master

    no need to do a clean install. You have a working copy, just that it is an old one. You just need to update, either automatically or manually.

    The problem with the update is that your server, for some reason, cannot access myDBR via HTTPS. As the error message states, for now, only the changelog is being served with HTTPS. The actual update is still being served via HTTP. So it could be that your server can access the actual update. If not, you can still update the server manually.

    Do this:

    1. When you see the error message above while trying the update, you can continue with the update by adding &action=update to the end of the "Update wizard failed..." page URL, the rest of the update, for now, is done still with HTTP.
    2. If you server still is unable to access myDBR, you can always do a manual update. See the documentation.

    After you have updated, you probably want to check the access issue.
    myDBR Team

  10. eugfri, Member

    Thank you very much!
    I was able to do manual update, followed the steps and everything seems to work now.

    Will have to look into connectivity issue closer but otherwise - things look good.

    Thank you so much!

  11. eugfri, Member

    Now when users login they all get

    “Report security hash does not match. Report execution aborted” on every report.

    Prior to the update to the latest version I had no value set in URL Hash Seed in Environmental Settings, but in new version I could not leave it blank and had to click Randomize to populate it, otherwise I could not save Environmental Settings. I suppose this is the root cause of the issue.

    What needs to be done?

    PS: Updating this at later time. I was able to wipe value for URL hash seed directly in mysql_options table and everything started to work for my users. But there should be probably some better way.

  12. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The unique report hash seed protects your reports, hence the more strict requirement to have one.

    When you change the hash seed, the hash value for the reports change. myDBR generates the URLs on the fly, so changing the hash seed does not affect normal usage.

    The cases where changing URLs does matter however is if the users use direct URLs (bookmarks). Older myDBR versions added favorites with a full URL as it allowed favorites to contain the parameters. Newer myDBR (since 5.8.2 build 4229).

    From where do your users launch the reports?

    myDBR Team


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