myDBR 6.2.1 (build 4579) - ip2location does not open save procedure anymore

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  1. Alex35580, Member

    we have recently updated our OEM version of myDBR to version 6.2.1, since then, the dbr.ip2location function does not work correctly. It calls the ip2location API (we see the requests passing), it returns OK for each IP address but it doesn't open the backup procedure in the local database (see ). Is it possible to check if there is not a bug and correct it as soon as possible please?
    Thanks in advance and have a nice day

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    No change in ip2location-functionality.

    Which service you are using IP2Location or MaxMind and can you give an example IP that does any IP not work?

    How does does your procedure look like that is saving the results?

    myDBR Team

  3. Alex35580, Member

    we still use ip2location from the beginning and we have exactly implemented the same procedures as displayed in your documentation.

    Example :
    DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS sp_DBR_import_IP_JSON_do $$ CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_DBR_import_IP_JSON_do`() BEGIN select 'dbr.ip2location', 'sp_DBR_insert_ip2location_do', 'ip2location'; SELECT distinct ip as in_ip FROM `LOGS`.`log` where ip not like "10.%" AND ip not like "109.%" AND ip not in (select ip_address from `LOGS`.`ip2location_already_saved`) LIMIT 10; END $$

    DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS sp_DBR_insert_ip2location_do $$ CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_DBR_insert_ip2location_do`( in_ip_address varchar(39), in_country varchar(255), in_city varchar(255), in_latitude decimal(11,7), in_longitude decimal(11,7), in_isp varchar(255) ) BEGIN insert ignore into `LOGS`.`ip2location_already_saved` (ip_address, country, city , latitude, longitude, isp) values ( in_ip_address, in_country, in_city , in_latitude, in_longitude, in_isp ); END $$

    It was working before the update to version 6.2.1 so I thought it was the problem.

    You can test for example with the next ip addresses :

    Thanks for your help

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Which service you are using? IP2Location or MaxMind?

    myDBR Team

  5. Alex35580, Member

    ip2location (first line of my previous answer)

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Mixed the ip2location answer to the command with the same name.

    The issue seems to be caused by a change in ip2location's API. The new build should fix that. Run the automatic updater and try again.
    myDBR Team

  7. Alex35580, Member

    It works perfectly after the update. Thank you so much for your help.

    Have a nice day


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