Where to put all the little edit reports?

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  1. -nth-, Member

    I've been busy creating a bunch of reports that edit different columns on a main report. What's the best way to organize these edit reports? They're not anything the user will ever need to see, but if I take away permissions, then the main report won't run.

    I tried just creating stored procedures and calling those, but it errored out saying that they needed to be listed as reports.

    I noticed that on the mydbr demo website, the editable report sample doesn't show any of the small edit reports but instead calls them by using:

    CALL sp_DBR_doc_Source('sp_DBR_editable,sp_DBR_ft_editable_more,sp_DBR_budget_edit,sp_DBR_budget_edit_comment,sp_DBR_budget_accept');

    Is there a way I can emulate that? I guess I don't quite understand how to do it.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Just create a folder on the same level where the main reports are and put the linked reports there. Keep the folder admin only so users do not gain direct access to these reports.

    The permissions to edit reports determines which users can edit the reports or call linked reports. Same report can be just a simple display only report and an report with editing capabilities depending on user's permissions on the linked reports. This is also why a linked report is a regular report in myDBR.

    The sp_DBR_doc_Source in demo is just a helper sp that creates the "Show how this report is done"-button, which shows the report source code using an myDBR extension, so it has really nothing to do with where to store the reports.

    myDBR Team


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